Caring For Animals

A Charity To Help Animals.


Pet Prayer Project

We pray for animals that are sick, in need, homeless, in the shelter, abused, or more.

If you would like to request a prayer for your animal or just a prayer for animals in general. Let us know now.

Pet Supplies Project

We will get toys and food for needy animals. Plus, we will offer gift cards to animal rescue groups and/or centers.

With special attention given to Dog Rescue Groups in Florida.

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Our Mission Statement

Caring for Animals is a charity that helps animals with the money that we raise. A lot of animals need you to help them because they are sick and need a home. We are going to use the funds raised for pet food, toys, medical care, and more.

Caring For Animals - Prayer Requests Welcome

How We Pray For Sick Animals & Animals That Need Our Prayers

We promise to say the ‘Our Father’; ‘Hail Mary’; ‘Glory Be’; and personalized element to the prayer session for the animal.

All prayers will include the pet’s name and why your pet needs our prayer as well. For example, we would pray for your animal health issue such as “animal-related cancer” or “animal-related allergy issue(s).”

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